Quartz crucibles, standard and coated, for silicon crystal growth

•Large diameter, direct-drawn and resized tubing for wafer processing equipment

•Rods and small bore tubing for wafer boats and other assemblies for wafer processors

•Quartz ingots for machined components used in a range of wafer processing equpiment


•Ingots for machined components used as discs, baffles and other components
•Large diameter tubing for chamber liners
•Rods for shafts

Solar and Photovoltaic

•Quartz crucibles, standard and coated, for single crystal silicon growth
•Large diameter tubing and quartz ingots for cell processing equipment

Specialty Lighting

•Standard tubing for high performance, high temperature general lighting applications
•UV blocking tubing for sensitive lighting applications where UV radiation would create exposure risks.
•Synthetic tubing with a high transmittance in the deep ultraviolet range for water purification and ozone generation
•Low hydroxyl content tubing for long-life metal halide lamps


•Ultra high purity synthetic grade tubing for waveguide materials
•Quartz rods for handles
•Small and large diameter quartz tubing for fiber tower components